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"As a developer, I don't want to tell my build script what to do, I want to just tell what (file) I want so the script can then decide what really needs to be done. If anything."

What is iwant

iwant is a build system. Some of its key features are:

Concrete examples, please

To see and try out iwant in action, please git clone iwant-demo, a multi-module project that uses iwant as the build system to demonstrate several of its features. Feel free to clone it, to try things out, or even to develop new things for others to learn and reuse.

Also, some more details, like taking iwant into use, are documented in the tutorial (in a documentation driven manner by descript).

About the project

General status of the project:

For news please see the github project page.

You can track the project progress and plans in the backlog.txt.

iwant - developed by Ville Oikarinen since 2009